Early Apple Wine

ImageOur apple tree is packed with apples this year- a nice reward for having none last year.  About 2 weeks ago, they started turning red and falling- I don’t remember them being this early 2 years ago.  Despite being super busy with baby, house renovations and just everyday living, we knew we couldn’t let them go to waste.  I’ve been admiring Kevin’s apple crush for quite a while now, so we attempted our own.  With baby strapped on, the three of us set up our assembly line of wash, cut, juice, squeeze resulting pulp for juice and collect juice in a primary fermenter.  It took almost 6 hours!  Although, baby bird did have a freak out about mid way, so dad had to finish the rest on his own.

ImageNext year, (or next time; as our neighbors have now donated many of their apples to the cause) we will find a more efficient way to juice and press the apples.  We just have a small household juicer and a big cheesecloth.  When it was all over, we ended up with about 3 gallons of juice and the fellah at the wine store sold us some appropriate yeast.  So, in it went, and now we wait..