Locavores: Sprout Your Own

With all the problems around bean sprouts lately, especially in Germany & Europe, where many people have gotten sicked and died because of eating tainted sprouts, one must begin to look to the ultimate diy solution- sprout your own!  Not only is it easy, but it is super cheap.  And kind of addicting when you learn how many dried beans, seeds and legumes you can sprout!  It also adds a whole new dimension of nutrition as instead of eating a dormant food, you are now eating a live plant!  You can even sprout beans before cooking them for this added benefit.

Here are a couple of resources I’ve found on sprouting your own, enjoy!

Joy of Sprouting

Growing Sprouts, Avoid Ecoli

Update on Sprout Contamination in Germany

Have you ever grown your own sprouts?  What are your favorite types?  Share your stories below!