Savouring Pulses- Nov 21-27

The Alberta Pulse Growers along with three local restaurants will be featuring pulse-based dishes from November 21-27 to celebrate Savouring Pulses week.  Did you know that pulses such as beans, lentils and peas are all grown around the Lethbridge area?  Now the question is, are the pulses we buy in grocery stores produced locally?  Hmmm.. time to do some investigating!  Pulses are a staple for many vegetarians and healthy eaters for many reasons:

  • Very high source of fibre
  • Free of fat and saturated fat
  • Free of sodium
  • Excellent source of folate.
  • Good sources of iron, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin
  • Gluten free
  • High fibre, low fat foods such as pulses are part of a healthy diet which may control blood cholesterol and blood sugars. Pulses may also help people feel full longer and help with managing weight
  • Pulses are the perfect meat alternative for vegetarian diets

To learn more about what’s being served in Lethbridge restaurants, click here (some are vegetarian friendly, and some not).  Or, if you don’t feel like going out and want to try a pulse recipe at home, try my Veggie Lentil Pot Pie or check out the recipes on the Alberta Pulse Growers page!

Do you have any favorite pulse-based recipes?  Have you ever grown any pulses, and if so, what are your favorites to store and use for the winter?


Lethbridge Restaurant Reviews- from a Vegetarian Perspective

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share information on not only how you can make and grow your own food, but where to go if you don’t feel like cooking (or harvesting) one day.  As much as I’d love to be writing more restaurant reviews, I find I haven’t been going out to eat a lot lately or when I do go out to eat, it is usually because I am tired and don’t really feel like writing a review or taking photos!  But with the onset of winter, I predict I may be venturing out a little more than usual.

So I signed up for an account on UrbanSpoon- a site that often pops up when I’m searching for restaurant information.  I’ve written a few honest reviews on the places I have eaten and I hope they are helpful for the vegetarians in this city and I’ll be writing more as time goes on.   Let’s face it- Lethbridge is a tough place to eat out if you’re vegetarian- and I think my reviews reflect this- but that being said, there is no reason to lose all hope!  I think it’s important to ask what options are available in restaurants even if they don’t appear to have m/any.  Restaurants need to know there is a demand- so be sure to always ask!  Often times these items may not appear on the menu but can still be made by the chef.

Check out my reviews here, or click on the link on the side of the page.

Have you ever reviewed any Lethbridge restaurants on urbanspoon or a similar site?  What are your favorite veggie-friendly restaurants in our area?

Meatless Mondays: Mocha Cabana

I just recently learned that downtown cafe Mocha Cabana does meatless mondays!  If you’ve never been, it’s a cute little cafe in a historic building right across from the courthouse.  It actually used to be a welding shop!

Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health encouraging people around the world to go meatless one day a week for their health and the health of the planet.

Presidents Wilson, Truman and Roosevelt galvanized the nation with voluntary meatless days during both world wars. Our intention is to revitalize this American tradition. We’re spearheading a broad-based, grassroots movement that spans all borders and demographic groups. “By cutting out meat once a week, we can improve our health, reduce our carbon footprint and lead the world in the race to reduce climate change.”

Check out the website to read some of the interesting history including the promotion of meatless mondays during World War 1. They also have some great recipes.

words of wisdom even for pacifists

I haven’t visited Mocha Cabana yet for meatless monday, but I was there a while ago and had some fabulous locally made vegetarian pasta and a scrumptious slice of pecan pie for dessert.  And they also had a great beer selection 🙂

Here’s a couple of images of past meatless mondays I grabbed off their facebook page:

Hope to check it out soon- especially with the nicer weather for the patio!

Lethbridge Restaurant Scene: in need of a veggie option

I was happy to read this article in today’s Lethbridge Herald.  Sherri Gallant talks with Chef Charles Parker, head of the culinary arts program at Lethbridge College.  They talk about how Lethbridge’s restaurant scene has grown in past years, and now includes cuisines such as Indian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan.  But my favorite part of the article has to be this:

Parker said he thinks a vegetarian restaurant would likely do well here, and the rising number of people with celiac disease would probably welcome a gluten-free establishment.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Lethbridge?!  Wouldn’t that be great? Something like cafe mosaics in Edmonton would be a welcome addition to our cozy downtown, or what about a scaled down (and less franchise-feeling) version of Montreal’s le commensal?  Gluten free would also be a welcome addition; it often seems that when folks discover they can’t digest gluten, their “food radar” goes up and healthier foods, including vegetarian options, often become more viable.

I say bring it on!