Shooting Stars in the Garden

Well, I am back, happy to be in the garden- with my little kangaroo tucked into our favorite mei tei style carrier.  Motherhood has been very good to me and I adore our little bird and am so happy to be spending the summer with a newborn. We don’t get to spend a lot of time in the garden yet, but we try and take a walk out there every day.  There has been a lot of rain this year, as I’m sure most Southern Albertans can attest.  The garden has taken a beating (we lost quite a few tomatoes and all of our cucumber seedlings) but now that we are getting some sunshine, the plants are thriving.

A first for this garden is garlic.  We planted it last fall and it was one of the first plants to come up this year.  I love planting in the fall and letting things just come up when they are ready.  The garlic seems to be doing well judging from the top growth.  It reminds me of shooting stars:

Just like onions, the tops are edible and are called garlic scapes.  Thanks to my morning blogroll, I found this out through SouleMama.  She makes pesto with them and recommends pruning them to put more energy into the garlic bulbs.  I might just have to leave a few because I want to see what they look like when they flower!  But I can’t wait to harvest the garlic this fall.  There is nothing like locally grown garlic- the cheap storebought stuff from China (tell me why we must import garlic from other countries when it can be grown here?) just doesn’t stand up.