Fresh Carrots in January

Before the deep freeze hit Lethbridge last weekend, my husband decided it was time to pull out the rest of the carrots we were ‘storing’ in the garden.  Yes, we figured, why pick them and have them slowly wilt in our basement when they could stay in their own built in refrigerator in the ground?  We did this last year, and found the carrots stored well, and just got sweeter the longer we left them. Little did we know we’d be able to leave them in the ground until January this year!

All he did was cover them with lots of leaves:Have you ever left anything in the garden?  How do you store/preserve your food over the winter?  In addition to these carrots, we’re still enjoying plenty of canned tomatoes, potatoes, onions, frozen herbs, relishes and jams.  It’s so great to have garden goodies long after its been gone!