Lets be honest…

The Lethbridge Veg.  A vegetarian in Lethbridge, Alberta?  A city that is surrounded by one million cows, and perhaps just as many rednecks?

“But don’t you miss meat?”

“What do you eat?”


*blank stare*

Well, maybe I should have called it “The Lethbridge Veggies” because I know there are a few of us.

This blog was born as somewhat of a coping mechanism.  Yes, I grew up here, eating meat and potatoes.  But as my narrow little mind began to expand in highschool, I found PETA.  I look back and laugh, because they are now one of my least favorite animal rights groups (actually, I don’t know if I can say I even have a favorite animal rights group.)

And after only one failed attempt, I officially became vegetarian in grade 12.  And I haven’t yet regretted it.  It forced me to learn how to cook, because my family sure didn’t want to try.  And some of the first dishes were pretty gross.  I could go through the list of arguments for being vegetarian, but really, there are a gazillion other websites out there that can do that.  I do it because I want to, its my choice and the purpose of this blog is not to convince the “non-believers” (because honestly, as a ‘non believer’ of other things, I’ve experience enough sales pitches).

I also started the blog because I realized how lucky I was to live in Edmonton for five years where there were many vegetarian restaurants and  menu options.  Heck, they even have a society that gets together once a month for a mega potluck!

I also really enjoy gardening; and as this blog has grown, I find that is what I have been sharing the most of.  We live in a unique landscape that can tend to make gardening a challenge- so each season is a learning experience!  In fact, one of the first things my husband and I did when we moved into our house here was to dig up most of the sod in our backyard to plant a garden.  We grow and preserve a lot of food, and maybe one day, we’ll have a real farm.

So, in a nutshell, the purpose of this blog is to share- information, gardening tips, recipes, foraging journeys and bits of everyday life in Lethbridge. And of course, if you are not vegetarian or a gardener, but are even mildly interested in these topics, of course you are welcome too!

So if you’ve got a suggestion, want to write a review, share a recipe, tell us your story, whatever, drop me a line!

You can also check out my creative side at my etsy shop where I create handspun yarns, and knitted & crochet garments!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Blog, I’m not Vegan but I certainly am trying to eat fresh and clean food as possible. Keep up the good work!

  2. howdy love your blog. been veggie for over 15 years now. I stopped counting lol. moving here from Toronto I can relate. Easy being veggie in Toronto, way easy. Lethbridge is a challenge as I knew it would be but more for eating out which I don’t even like to do that much so it’s not too bad. I sure don’t know any other vegetarians in Lethbridge though so was happy to find your blog. 🙂

  3. Im actually wanting to look into reasons to be vegetarian and i would like to research farming practices here in the leth area. Ive heard about unethical livestock handling but in the us, so im curious how we compare here in leth, but i dont really know where to start…

  4. HELP! Just moved down here from Interior BC. We are having a BRUTAL time finding affordably priced, organic eggs, milk, tofu, bulk beans/legumes and vegetarian supplies. Please assist me by letting me know where you shop!

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