Lethbridge Vegan Potluck Group

I wanted to share a somewhat new group in Lethbridge- the Lethbridge Vegan Potluck Group.  I haven’t had a chance to go yet, being busy with the little one and all, but it sounds and looks like they have shared some really great meals together, as well as lots of useful information.

Check it out on facebook here.


One thought on “Lethbridge Vegan Potluck Group

  1. Hi, my name is Anita Virginillo, one of the founders of the Lethbridge Vegan Potluck group & I just wanted to let you know that our potluck group now meets the first Sunday of the month (second Sunday if the first is a long wknd) at Umami @ 5pm, everyone is welcome! Also I am now preparing vegan meals M-S made fresh each day to Umami, just go to the back deli counter and ask for them 🙂 All ingredients are vegan, mostly organic & also some gluten free options as well. I feel really good about the food I prepare sourcing out fair trade companies that practice sustainability & organic products.

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