Seed Starting

Thanks to the beautiful weather, I’m sure everyone has now been bit by the gardening bug.  Admittedly, we are a little behind in our seed starting due to all the preparations we’ve been doing for the baby bean this spring.  But this weekend was a gentle reminder to get on it.  Having not ordered from any seed catalogues this year, we headed out to green haven to browse what we hoped was a more diverse selection of seeds.

Though there weren’t as many varieties as the seed catalogues, we came home pleased with our new stash.  This year, we’ve decided to not grow so many cherry and grape tomaotes; last year we ended up with far too many (and still have jars full of savory jam, freezer bags full of frozen whole, and packets of dehydrated.)  But really, there’s only so much you can do with little tomatoes.

This year, we picked out two bigger varieties; one coined a ‘mortgage lifter’, promising 2-4 lb tomatoes. the other, an heirloom beefsteak-type.  Me thinks these would be excellent sandwich tomatoes.  We also went with our old standby, roma, which I love to can and some ground cherries, which were really fun last year.  Those combined with a few other varieties and maybe a few of our leftover cherry & grape tomato seeds from last year, and we’re good to go.  We also picked up cucumber, eggplant and peppers to start.  We’re going to get some lettuce, chard and pea greens going in the cold frames soon.

What I was really excited about this year was my new seed pot maker:

This simple, yet genius little device transforms strips of newspaper into little pots for planting.  Its about as eco-friendly as you can get; as once the seedlings are ready for planting, you just stick the whole thing, newspaper and all into the ground.  This is my first year trying this so I’m hoping I like it.  Much smarter and cheaper than buying plastic, peat, coconut, etc pots.

Are you starting seeds this year?  what are you planting?


5 thoughts on “Seed Starting

  1. I just started my tomatoes and peppers this weekend too! Purple Russian, a Black tomato, and an Early Girl tomato as well. And some peppers, also a heritage variety. All these seeds from a local seed swap. I’m looking forward to growing some wonderful squash this year too, and I have 400 or so turnip seeds. Want some turnip seeds in Lethbridge? I’m in Kelowna. 🙂

    • hi Shawn, I guess you didn’t get my response from the last post eh? I thought it got emailed but maybe not. Well we usually plant our garden on the may long weekend- that seems to be the rule of thumb around here. Some things we start early like onion sets and others earlier because we have cold frames. I suspect we’ll get a giant winter storm before spring really hits. These ‘chinook springs’ are such a tease…

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