Lethbridge Restaurant Reviews- from a Vegetarian Perspective

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share information on not only how you can make and grow your own food, but where to go if you don’t feel like cooking (or harvesting) one day.  As much as I’d love to be writing more restaurant reviews, I find I haven’t been going out to eat a lot lately or when I do go out to eat, it is usually because I am tired and don’t really feel like writing a review or taking photos!  But with the onset of winter, I predict I may be venturing out a little more than usual.

So I signed up for an account on UrbanSpoon- a site that often pops up when I’m searching for restaurant information.  I’ve written a few honest reviews on the places I have eaten and I hope they are helpful for the vegetarians in this city and I’ll be writing more as time goes on.   Let’s face it- Lethbridge is a tough place to eat out if you’re vegetarian- and I think my reviews reflect this- but that being said, there is no reason to lose all hope!  I think it’s important to ask what options are available in restaurants even if they don’t appear to have m/any.  Restaurants need to know there is a demand- so be sure to always ask!  Often times these items may not appear on the menu but can still be made by the chef.

Check out my reviews here, or click on the link on the side of the page.

Have you ever reviewed any Lethbridge restaurants on urbanspoon or a similar site?  What are your favorite veggie-friendly restaurants in our area?


One thought on “Lethbridge Restaurant Reviews- from a Vegetarian Perspective

  1. Hey there… Totally agree with you! Ate at the hospital tonight, i thought of all the places to eat out the hospital cafeteria would be an easier one…

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