Fresh Greens in October

We currently have 2 cold frames from which we’ve been enjoying fresh greens from lately- lettuce, spinach and chard.  They are fairly basic, just a frame angled slightly to the sun with an old window fitted to the top.  When it’s really warm out, we’ll open them up, and when it gets really chilly at night, we’ll put a blanket over them.

It’s so nice to enjoy some tender young greens this late in the season!  Its been a beautiful fall in Lethbridge, and we’ve only just pulled out the garden this weekend.  Many of our flowers are still in bloom too!  Hubby just finished picking & drying out bunches of hops for winter beer brewing, and next up, we’ll be drying mint for tea.

As for canning, I’m definitely DONE for the season- major canning burnout!

What’s happening in your garden and kitchen?  Are you still growing or preserving anything?


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