Important Things to know about Eating & Drinking in Lethbridge

If you are interested in the local food movement (which I’m guessing you are if you are reading this) and you are interested in art, check out the latest exhibitions and programs at the U of L Art GalleryCereal Gen ( Food Series); two exhibitions in the main and Helen Christou Galleries, and The important things to know about eating and drinking (in Lethbridge); a public site project.

The Important Things to Know About Eating and Drinking (in Lethbridge) – (Food series)

Dodolab (Lisa Hirmer and Andrew Hunter)
October 1 – October 6, 2011
Public-site project

The UofL Art Gallery commissioned Dodolab, an internationally renowned art and design group, to produce a project to engage the public around issues related to food. Inspired by their research into local cookbooks, menus and almanacs in the Galt Archives as well as key businesses in Lethbridge’s history, such as Sicks Brewery and Crystal Dairy, Dodo lab will create a series of playful events that will provoke critical reflection on food as a key component of community identity and social interaction.

I ran into a member of DodoLab during Arts Days this weekend.  He was walking around with chits of paper asking what local ingredients you’d like to see on a pizza- the list included things like chickpeas, cactus, bison, bean sprouts, and potatoes.  Apparently they will take the top two ingredients and make pizzas at the university this Thursday:

The Not Yet Famous Lethbridge Pizza

What’s on a Lethbridge pizza? Well, if pineapples and ham make a Hawaiian pizza, and olives and feta make a Greek pizza, then…well, we aren’t yet sure what makes a Lethbridge pizza. But we plan on finding out! And once we do, we will share the results.

DodoLab needs your help to create a representative pizza for Lethbridge. We’ll be on campus from October 1st – 4th running a secret ballot survey to determine what items should go on this unique dish. Then, on Thursday, October 6th, we’ll serve this custom culinary creation in University Hall at a lunch/social co-hosted with the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery. We’ll also be distributing copies of The Important Things To Know About Eating and Drinking (In Lethbridge), a complimentary collection of recipes, food tips, advice and collected wisdom to help you navigate the tricky culinary terrain of your post-seconday experience.


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