All in a Day’s Harvest

Today I harvested potatoes, carrots, tomatoes (some are still green but will ripen on my counter), zucchini, beans and ground cherries.

also not shown in pictures but consumed for supper: kale, chard and onion.

Luckily, this is just a small portion of what’s available in our garden.  Plenty more on it’s way!


9 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Harvest

  1. It is so nice when gardening pays off! Last night we steamed carrots, potatoes, beets and broccoli from the garden and it was delicious. Did you snag the tomatoes because of a worry of frost?

    • Hi Bob! Broccoli- I am curious & jealous! How did you keep the dreaded white butterflies away?
      I just snagged some of the tomatoes because I’m getting impatient. I’ll put them in a paper bag to ripen them. And I thought picking a few might provide more energy to the ones that were still growing 🙂

  2. I planted four broccoli and four cauliflower plants this year and lost all of the caulifower (possibly to the danged bugs) and only two of the four broccoli delivered anything notable. So my success rate (25%) puts the few heads I grew into perspective! I’m sure I could have fiddle with nets and whatnot but the last time I tried to protect plants (strawberries) I ended up cutting a pair of robins out of the netting (and they were unhappy and have sharp beaks!) so I’ve decided to let nature do her worst from now on. Interestingly, the home-grown broccoli has a lot more taste that the store-bought stuff–almost too much taste!

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