In The Prairie Garden: July

July’s sudden onset of hot, hot weather is just what the doctor ordered for southern Albertan gardens!  The weeds are also thriving; if you are keen you may notice purslane shows up in quite a few shots.  Check out this post to learn about how you can eat it and to get a better overall look at my garden!  Below are a few shots of ye ‘ol urban homestead:

Asparagus Peas

Asparagus Peas: something new for our garden this year, apparently these beautiful crimson flowers eventually turn into odd-looking beans that taste like asparagus!

Ground Cherries- these little lovelies were grown from seed back in late winter. They are cousin to tomatoes and tomatillos, and by the end of the summer, should have a sweet fruit ready inside!

Ildi Tomatoes- these are a yellow grape tomato... looking forward to eating some in the next couple weeks! Also grown from seed earlier this year.

Potatoes in Bloom: there are probably little nuggets just waiting to be devoured underground.. nothing better than fresh potatoes! We have 11 potato plants total, mostly red and a few yellow

Cabbage- I'm a little worried about my row of cabbage. I have never yet grown cabbage without it getting attacked by cabbage worms/butterflies. This year I tried netting, but it appears its not fine enough and the cabbage butterflies are still getting through. Hopefully I can tackle this by doing some squishing.

Strawberries- planted last year, the strawberries have really taken off this year. so yummy!

There’s so many things growing & thriving right now it’s hard to include it all.  My west-facing front yard is abundant with many of the drought-tolerant flowers I planted last year including lavender and this: (I can’t remember the name)

Hope you are enjoying July- what’s thriving in your garden?


3 thoughts on “In The Prairie Garden: July

  1. Your garden looks beautiful Ashley! I love the crimson peas and the ground cherries. Let me know how the peas turn out and maybe I’ll plant some next year! My garden is going absolutely crazy good. The manure I put into the soil totally helped. The potato plants come past my waist, and are in bloom too. Chard and lettuce are out of control, and i have baby yellow zucchini too. Peas are filling and tomatoes are growing! It’s the best time of the year for sure. I think the flower at the end of your post is called “blanket flower” or something like that. I’ll research and let you know!!! oh – your cabbage net is very cool. good luck keeping out those awful worms. I’ve kind of given up growing cabbage because of them. Little demons.

  2. wow! lots of cool stuff in your garden! those asparagus peas sound really yummy. how were they? i don’t think i’ve done any garden posts at all this summer… our biggest crop has been cucumbers, which went absolutely feral and inundated us. now we seem to have a jungle of squash, which i’m not complaining about.

    • Hey Cal!
      The asparagus peas were a bit of a disappointment- they didn’t taste like asparagus to me, and when they finally started growing, they grew really fast. You’re supposed to pick them when they are about an inch long- we accidentally let them get bigger and they were so tough!
      I’m glad I have real asparagus in the garden- now for the 2 or 3 year wait until I can harvest it!

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