Meatless Monday: UK National Vegetarian Week 2011

You may be sad the long weekend is drawing to a close, but one good thing in sight is, it’s the beginning of the UK National Vegetarian Week!

National Vegetarian Week (NVW), sponsored by Cauldron Foods, is the UK’s annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle.

Created by the Vegetarian Society and celebrated since 1992, the Week gives organisations, schools, community groups and individuals the free promotional tools and inspiration to give vegetarianism a go while highlighting their activities to the public through the popular What’s Happening page.

After a quick search, it doesn’t appear as if Canada has our own National Vegetarian Week 😦  And who’s this Cauldron Foods?  Sounds like a better version of our Yves veggie cuisine here in Canada… So we have a few reasons to be jealous.

But I say let’s join the Brits, regardless.  It looks like they have some pretty yummy recipes on the NVW site and even Jamie Oliver is putting a few recipes out there for the occasion.

Have you ever participated in a vegetarian challenge such as NVW?  If you are already vegetarian, did participating in a challenge like this assist in your decision?


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