Meatless Mondays: Mocha Cabana

I just recently learned that downtown cafe Mocha Cabana does meatless mondays!  If you’ve never been, it’s a cute little cafe in a historic building right across from the courthouse.  It actually used to be a welding shop!

Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health encouraging people around the world to go meatless one day a week for their health and the health of the planet.

Presidents Wilson, Truman and Roosevelt galvanized the nation with voluntary meatless days during both world wars. Our intention is to revitalize this American tradition. We’re spearheading a broad-based, grassroots movement that spans all borders and demographic groups. “By cutting out meat once a week, we can improve our health, reduce our carbon footprint and lead the world in the race to reduce climate change.”

Check out the website to read some of the interesting history including the promotion of meatless mondays during World War 1. They also have some great recipes.

words of wisdom even for pacifists

I haven’t visited Mocha Cabana yet for meatless monday, but I was there a while ago and had some fabulous locally made vegetarian pasta and a scrumptious slice of pecan pie for dessert.  And they also had a great beer selection 🙂

Here’s a couple of images of past meatless mondays I grabbed off their facebook page:

Hope to check it out soon- especially with the nicer weather for the patio!


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