Starting Seeds

baby tomatoes

Aside from eating lots of vegetables, I also like to grow a lot too.  We have been starting our own tomato seeds for the past few years.  Last year we had such a great harvest and I was able to can about 25 jars of tomato sauce and salsa.  We just ran out about a month ago- I can’t wait to have more!   There really is nothing like a home grown tomato.

Rather than go with the mass produced “beefsteak” type tomatoes (and honestly, what kind of vegetarian would I be if I grew beefsteak!) we ordered some uncommon varieties from a seed catalogue this year:

Ildi: “Incredible masses of small Grape Tomatoes. This attractive yellow tomato has to be seen to be believed, up to 50tomatoes in a single cluster. Visitors to our trials were amazed with the yield of Ildi. Salad sized ½ oz tomatoes are borne in clusters on a vigourous Indeterminate vine which grows about 4-5 feet tall.”
chocolate cherry
Chocolate Cherry: A really unique Heirloom Tomato, with incredible flavour and colour. Chocolate Cherry produces very deep purple Cherry Tomatoes on a large Indeterminate plant. Very sweet with exceptional tomato flavour.

Duchess: Very early and productive Hybrid. Vigourous, dwarf plants produce 6 oz. fruit in clusters of 4-5. High quality, dark red tomatoes are smooth, firm and blemish free, with excellent vine storage. Good tolerance to cracking, viruses, late blight and powdery mildew. Suitable for processing and fresh market.
Roma: An excellent paste-type Open Pollinated Tomato. Popular for canning or for making your own tomato sauce, juice, soups or for dehydrating. Plants bear dozens of plum shaped fruit which ripen to a bright red with meaty interiors and very few seeds. Determinate growing habit does not require staking.

We started ours about 2-3 weeks ago.  We just recently transplanted them from their original biodegradable seed pots into some larger pots.

With all this snow lately, its been really nice to have somewhat of an indoor garden, providing some hope that spring & summer is just around the corner.  We are hoping to plant them outside sometime in late May.




2 thoughts on “Starting Seeds

  1. Your tomato seedlings look awesome! I love the varieties you are growing this year. I had a chocolate cherry plant last year, but alas the blight got it. Nice to be thinking about gardening, hey?

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