The Great Debate

Recently on CBC Radio’s Q with Jian Gomeshi, authors Anthony Bourdain and Jonathan Safran Foer squared off for a debate about meat eating.

Admittedly, I am a fan of Bourdain; his television show No Reservations is probably one of my favorites (in a nutshell, he travels and eats; everything).  He is also an accomplished writer and chef.  The show is a nice break from the squeaky clean hosts and shows from the Food Network.

I hadn’t heard of Foer yet; as I am already vegetarian, I don’t read many ‘you should go vegetarian’ books anymore.  Foer’s latest book is called Eating Animals, and has got many second guessing their choice to eat meat.

The debate is respectful and a refreshing break from most arguments of this sort.  Both present strong points; and topics such as world hunger, cultural relativity, class, factory farming, and the environment are discussed.

What do you think?  Did either debater “win”?

Q debate: eating meat


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