Lethbridge Restaurant Scene: in need of a veggie option

I was happy to read this article in today’s Lethbridge Herald.  Sherri Gallant talks with Chef Charles Parker, head of the culinary arts program at Lethbridge College.  They talk about how Lethbridge’s restaurant scene has grown in past years, and now includes cuisines such as Indian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan.  But my favorite part of the article has to be this:

Parker said he thinks a vegetarian restaurant would likely do well here, and the rising number of people with celiac disease would probably welcome a gluten-free establishment.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Lethbridge?!  Wouldn’t that be great? Something like cafe mosaics in Edmonton would be a welcome addition to our cozy downtown, or what about a scaled down (and less franchise-feeling) version of Montreal’s le commensal?  Gluten free would also be a welcome addition; it often seems that when folks discover they can’t digest gluten, their “food radar” goes up and healthier foods, including vegetarian options, often become more viable.

I say bring it on!


2 thoughts on “Lethbridge Restaurant Scene: in need of a veggie option

  1. I totally agree! The people of Lethbridge should have access to at least one vegetarian restaurant ! What’s going on in this world ?!

  2. I am now supplying fresh daily vegan options at Umami from Monday to Friday c/o Karma Kitchen. Like us on Facebook 🙂 I am open to hearing what types of food you are interested in having. Let me know 🙂

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